AMLYZE and Plumery forge strategic partnership

November 24, 2023

AMLYZE, a leading RegTech specializing in anti-financial crime solutions for FinTechs, banks and crypto businesses, and Plumery, a 3rd generation digital banking solution provider, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership to reshape the landscape of financial technology.

With a commitment to combating financial crime, AMLYZE offers a comprehensive suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions tailored for FinTechs, banks, and crypto businesses. Its expertise in real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring, client risk scoring, AML/CFT investigations, and robust PEP, sanctions, and adverse media screening stands as a beacon in the fight against financial malfeasance.

Plumery, headquartered in the Netherlands with a strategic presence in Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Vilnius, emerged with a bold vision — to redefine digital banking experiences for institutions of all sizes globally. Recognizing the limitations of the ‘buy or build’ paradigm prevalent in traditional banks, Plumery advocates for an inclusive approach that harnesses the advantages of both methodologies.

“This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation and efficiency in the financial technology landscape,” said Jekaterina Govina, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships and Regulatory Affairs of AMLYZE. “The collaboration between our powerful anti-financial crime solutions and Plumery’s mission to deliver exceptional digital banking experiences will set a new standard in the industry.”

The integration of AMLYZE’s cutting-edge anti-financial crime technology with Plumery’s agile and customer-centric digital banking solutions will empower financial institutions to not only meet regulatory requirements but also provide seamless, user-friendly experiences for their customers.

“This partnership represents a turning point in the evolution of digital banking,” stated Ben Goldin, Founder & CEO of Plumery. “By combining AMLYZE’s expertise in regulatory compliance with our innovative digital banking approach, we aim to empower financial institutions to reach new heights in customer satisfaction and operational excellence.”

The collaboration between AMLYZE and Plumery heralds a new era in the financial technology domain, where compliance meets consumer experience, driving growth and security hand-in-hand.


AMLYZE is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) RegTech offering a suite of anti-financial crime solutions for all types of financial services providers.

Comprehensive modules include real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring, customer risk assessment, AML/CFT investigations, PEP, sanctions, and adverse media screening.

The company’s products have been developed by a team of AML experts and former regulators leveraging an extensive experience in supervising financial institutions while working with central banks and law enforcement agencies.

Being regulatory insiders and understanding the pain points of market participants from the inside has enabled the creation of cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline AML/CFT and compliance processes to unprecedented levels of efficiency.

In May this year, the company successfully closed a €1 million pre-seed investment round led by Practica Capital, one of the leading venture capital firms in the Baltics, and FIRSTPICK, an accelerator and venture capital fund investing in technology companies across the Baltics.

For more information, visit AMLYZE website and LinkedIn page.

About Plumery:

Plumery is a digital banking platform that helps banks deliver mobile and web applications faster, at lower cost, and unleash rapid, continuous innovation.

The company’s mission is to enable banks and other financial institutions of all sizes around the world to create delightful mobile and web experiences for their customers, giving them the foundation for success beyond rapid time-to-market. Plumery is based in the Netherlands, with our team spread across three key locations: Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Vilnius.

Plumery provides a software overlay to legacy banking architecture, enabling banks to accelerate the development and deployment of mobile and web applications to keep pace with fast-moving fintech startups.

In April this year, Plumery raised a seed round of $4.5 million. The round was led by Better Tomorrow Ventures, Headline, Seedcamp and Cocoa Ventures, alongside business angels Didier Valet, former deputy CEO of Société Générale, Tandem Bank founder Ricky Knox and former McKinsey senior partner Alan Morgan.

For more information, visit Plumery website, LinkedIn, or X page.

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