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Join the growing list of businesses that have benefited from our innovative approach. Our industry use cases showcase the transformative impact we have had on organizations within your industry. With AMLYZE you can unlock the potential of your data and gain valuable insights that drive success.

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    Our solutions are adaptable to any regulatedĀ  business model – whether you are a bank or a real estate agency, we can support you with your compliance needs.

    Easy to integrate

    We have designed a solution that integrates as quickly and smoothly as any other third-party service provider, with maximum support from our technical team.


    With a team of former regulators and experienced IT professionals, we only offer verified solutions that we have been testing since 2019 and know will work 100%.

    FinTechs & Banks

    We are the perfect compliance software for fintechs and banks, providing an efficient AML risk management solution to easily manage internal investigations and submit STRs to your local FIU. You can choose different modules for different tasks, easily customize the scenario library and flexibly set rules to meet your compliance objectives.

    Crypto businesses

    Complement your blockchain analytics capacities with high-performance crypto and fiat transaction monitoring capabilities. Our solution ensures full AML compliance, allowing you to adapt scenarios to CASP requirements and manage all data flows for regulatory reporting.

    Regulated entities

    If your business is subject to any form of regulatory requirements, we can help you ensure full compliance with AML/CFT requirements. You can conduct internal investigations with fully integrated modules and easily collect all the data you need.

    Banking as a Service providers

    Maintain full control over your risk appetite and regulatory risk, and gain visibility into the activities of your customers (end users). Ensure that your customers and partners always comply with your AML/CFT standards and regulatory requirements.


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      We have achieved our best results working with fintechs and neobanks, but we are also open to banks, credit unions, other financial institutions and any other business that needs to be compliant, from real estate agents to gambling companies and accountancy firms.

      Our software analyses transaction data both in real time and retrospectively. It can identify suspicious patterns, unusual activity and potential red flags that may indicate money laundering or other illicit activity. By continuously monitoring transactions, we help payment service providers and fintech companies effectively detect and prevent financial crime. Software generates comprehensive compliance reports and documentation, facilitating regulatory reporting and audits. It captures and stores relevant transaction data, user activity and compliance-related information, enabling payment service providers and fintechs to demonstrate compliance. AMLYZE software has comprehensive risk assessment and scoring capabilities that evaluate the potential risk associated with customers, transactions and counterparties. It assigns risk scores based on various factors such as transaction size, frequency and the reputation of the entities involved.

      While having a blockchain analytics tool is essential for monitoring and mitigating risks associated with cryptocurrencies, it is important to note that if your company deals with FIAT currencies as well, a blockchain-based solution alone may not provide comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) coverage. Our RegTech software offers a broader range of services specifically designed to address AML/CFT requirements associated with both cryptocurrencies and traditional FIAT currencies. By integrating our software into your operations, you gain access to advanced features such as transaction monitoring, compliance reporting, and risk assessment across multiple financial channels.

      BaaS is a complex model that requires a lot of intermediation, and compliance can’t take a back seat as it evolves. That’s why we’ve developed our own solution, BaaS Multi-Layer Transaction Monitoring, to help BaaS providers and their customers build a strong foundation for their platforms, ensuring visibility, transparency, and control from the licensed entity to the end user.

      Compliance requirements can vary across jurisdictions and industries, making it essential to conduct a thorough analysis of the applicable regulations in your operating region. By checking the local regulations, you can determine the exact requirements that govern your sector and ensure your compliance efforts align with them.