AMLYZE strengthens its team further with ex-regulators

March 23, 2023
Eglė Kontautaitė

AMLYZE, a fast-developing RegTech startup that helps fintechs, crypto businesses, banks, and other regulated entities to fight against financial crime, is strengthening its team with anti-money laundering expert Eglė Kontautaitė, former Head of the Money Laundering Prevention Division at the Bank of Lithuania.

E. Kontautaitė is already the third member of the team with a solid experience in financial market supervisory institutions. She will take on the role of Head of Client Solutions at AMLYZE.

Eglė has more than 13 years of experience in supervising financial market participants at the Bank of Lithuania, while she has spent the last year and a half at Ellex Valiunas, a leading Lithuanian law firm, focusing on anti-money laundering (AML) prevention and international sanctions enforcement. She will pursue her advisory work with clients at Ellex Valiunas as an external AML consultant.

Eglė is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) with hands-on experience in customer supervision and money laundering risk management in the context of financial institutions inspections.

Eglė’s professional experience includes the supervision of financial market participants in the areas of AML/CFT and operational risk management (including IT risk).

She represented the Lithuanian delegation during the Moneyval assessment of the country’s AML/CFT framework and has experience in drafting AML/CFT legislation for financial market participants. 

“I see AMLYZE as a leader in automated AML solutions, and I have ideas on how to further improve the experience of existing and potential customers, thus further consolidating this leadership on an international level. I’m confident that my experience as part of the main Lithuanian financial market supervisory authority, working closely with financial service providers both in their supervision and later in advising them on how to properly comply with the legislation, will benefit AMLYZE and its customers.  

I look closely at mistakes in complex areas where they are not tolerated and the consequences of violations are painful in every way, not only in terms of enforcement actions by the regulator but also in terms of loss of reputation in a market where reputation is crucial for sustainable business relationships with clients and partners,” says E. Kontautaitė.

The expert notes that each financial institution has its own specificities, and it is very important to correctly reflect them in the settings of the transaction monitoring system so that they do not negatively affect the results of regulatory inspections later.

About the company

AMLYZE is a Lithuanian-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) AML/CFT solution offering various modules for real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring, customer risk scoring, case management, and sanctions screening.

The company has put together a team of experts with extensive experience in anti-money laundering, financial fraud prevention, and financial market supervision, including Jekaterina Govina, former Head of the Financial Market Supervision Service at the Bank of Lithuania, and Mindaugas Petrauskas, former supervisor of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Lithuania.

The Company has been incorporated since 2019 and started enriching its product offering in autumn 2022. Through technology solutions, AMLYZE minimizes manual work and tasks in the area of AML/CFT and compliance, bringing them to a whole new level of effectiveness.

AMLYZE won the “Enabler of the Year” award at this year’s Lithuanian FinTech Market Awards, and in March this year, MasterCard, the global operator of payment systems, selected AMLYZE as the only representative of the Lithuanian startup ecosystem to participate in a special FinTech business ideas accelerator program (a total of 15 start-ups from Norway, Denmark, Estonia, and Lithuania were selected to participate in it).

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About the author

AMLYZE is a fully automated service created for the financial sector and businesses that are obliged to comply with AML/CFT regulations.


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