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Plumery is a digital banking platform that helps banks deliver mobile and web applications faster, at lower cost, and unleash rapid, continuous innovation. The company's mission is to enable banks and other financial institutions of all sizes around the world to create delightful mobile and web experiences for their customers, giving them the foundation for success beyond rapid time-to-market. Plumery is based in the Netherlands, with our team spread across three key locations: Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Vilnius. Plumery provides a software overlay to legacy banking architecture, enabling banks to accelerate the development and deployment of mobile and web applications to keep pace with fast-moving fintech startups.


Tuum allows banks to quickly and safely replace their legacy systems, to lower their maintenance spending and to open up new possibilities to adapt and prosper in the digital world. Tuum employ a smart migration approach to help banks to move off their current systems. Their clients go-live on average within 7 months. Once live, system enables banks to easily launch new products and open up new verticals. Tuum allows banks to operate multiple business lines from a single system, including accounts, lending, payments and cards. Since its founding in 2019, the company has expanded its customer base throughout Europe and is located in Tallinn, Barcelona, and London.


OpenSanctions is an international database of persons and entities of political, criminal or economic interest. It combines sanctions lists, politically exposed person databases and other information on persons of public interest in one place. The dataset is carefully cleaned, including a human-in-the-loop process for entity de-duplication across lists, and thousands of hand-crafted data patches that structure identifying information like birth dates, countries, addresses or tax identifiers in a consistent way. The development and maintenance of OpenSanctions is coordinated by a for-profit entity OpenSanctions Datenbanken GmbH.

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