Sneak Peek into AMLYZE Real Time Transaction Monitoring

Tadas Češkevičius
Tadas Češkevičius
December 7, 2023
AMLYZE real time transaction monitoring

Real time transaction monitoring is one AMLYZE’s the key modules and plays a vital role in any regulated organization’s compliance process.

Because it allows you to have direct control over your risk appetite, real time transaction monitoring acts as a vital shield for your operations. 

By reviewing multiple risk criteria and parameters in a few milliseconds rather than matching a certain rule, our real time transaction monitoring tool focuses on the risk of a given transaction without disrupting the flow of your transaction processing. 

This allows you to have an overall view on the risk level of each of your transactions while having fewer alerts and a better prioritization, and automation of your payment processing.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the practical mechanisms of our solution and get to see by yourself how it can help you be more precise, accurate and reduce false positives.



AMLYZE is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) RegTech offering a suite of anti-financial crime solutions for all types of financial services providers.

Comprehensive modules include real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring, customer risk assessment, AML/CFT investigations, PEP, sanctions, and adverse media screening.

The company’s products have been developed by a team of AML experts and former regulators leveraging an extensive experience in supervising financial institutions while working with central banks and law enforcement agencies.

Being regulatory insiders and understanding the pain points of market participants from the inside has enabled the creation of cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline AML/CFT and compliance processes to unprecedented levels of efficiency.

In May this year, the company successfully closed a €1 million pre-seed investment round led by Practica Capital, one of the leading venture capital firms in the Baltics, and FIRSTPICK, an accelerator and venture capital fund investing in technology companies across the Baltics.

For more information, visit AMLYZE website and LinkedIn page.

About the author

Tadas Češkevičius
Tadas Češkevičius
Tadas is Chief Business Development Officer at AMLYZE and has 12 years of AML and compliance experience in both large corporations and small-to-medium sized FinTech startups.


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